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Dotomi is rethinking the way marketers manage online display advertising with an approach we call ‘Personalized Media’.

Although originally founded in 2003, our history can be traced back to 1995 and a lone Israeli soldier named Yair Goldfinger. While in the army Yair found he needed a better way of keeping in touch with ex-army friends and colleagues. His brainstorm ultimately morphed into the phenomenon of ICQ, a product more commonly known today as Instant Messaging, eventually being acquired by AOL.

After his initial success, Yair took the next step and tried his hand at applying ICQ’s underlying principle of a one-to-one dialogue to marketing. He reasoned that by eliminating the waste of most marketing and ensuring communication was relevant to consumers, clients could better connect with their customer base. With the idea of personalized and pertinent marketing in mind, Dotomi was born.

We are on the hunt for entry level rockstars to join Dotomi in the summer of 2013 for a rotational training program. This program highlights what we do and allows you to gain on the job training in a variety of roles; including Account Management, Sales, Client Operations and Media.

We are searching for the best talent that Illinois has to offer in hopes of building and expanding the Dotomi team and making a difference in the future of online media. The program allows graduates to have the opportunity to experience four different departments within the company and to find out where they can succeed and have the greatest impact on their future and ours!


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101 North Wacker Drive Chicago, IL