As the first Google Enterprise Partner in Japan, the multinational staff of ISR have been working hard to provide a 24×365 reliable, secure and stable Single Sign-On service to Google Apps end-users. With the fast growth of Google Apps in the Japanese market, ISR has gained more than 800 enterprise customers and over 380,000 end users.

We at ISR deeply believe that our achievements are based on the talent, experience and devotion of our members. Therefore, everyone in the company, from CEO to staff member, is dedicated to creating a dynamic environment that enables employees to realize their full potential in a free atmosphere. This leads to a win-win situation where members not only create added value for the company, but also increase their own value as a professional.

If you think you are a talented developer, and are passionate about working for a Cloud Computing business, our door is always open to you. We believe that ISR can be the place where you realize your career dreams.


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