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In today’s 24x7 global business environment with ever-increasing customer expectations, the pressure is greater than ever for companies to efficiently manage and rapidly innovate. Staying competitive means moving fast and being flexible. Kenandy is about speed. Fast implementations. Rapid feature delivery. Agile business processes. Kenandy increases the speed at which your business can operate, expand and change. Kenandy is not just ERP on the cloud. Kenandy is ERP redesigned, powered by what is now possible on the cloud. It’s ERP that delivers more value. It’s ERP for the way global enterprises operate today—distributed, collaborative and agile.

Kenandy cloud ERP applications manage the operations, finance and manufacturing for global enterprises at a fraction of the time and cost of on-premise software. Kenandy is easy to use, always up-to-date, and connects everyone in your value network to a global, mobile and social “single source of truth”. Built from the ground up to take advantage of the flexibility of the cloud, Kenandy lets you keep pace with rapid business change.


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