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Lam Research Corp. is a trusted global supplier of innovative semiconductor manufacturing equipment and services to the world’s leading chipmakers. Lam’s advanced process technology is transforming the way semiconductor devices are made, with atomic-scale features that are more than 1,000 times smaller than a grain of sand. We collaborate with customers to help them build smaller, faster, and more power-efficient devices that drive technology into everyday life. Lam focuses on solid product performance and value, continuous innovation, and a values-based culture that delivers on its commitments. It is why nearly every chip today is built with Lam technology.

For over 30 years, countless professionals have discovered career success at Lam Research. As one of the semiconductor industry’s leading suppliers of wafer fabrication equipment and services, our technology depends on our finding and hiring the best and the brightest employees. We know that our dynamic, global team of exceptional employees is essential to our continued growth, and so at Lam Research, we’re committed to providing you with the resources and career path opportunities you’re seeking.

Our career opportunities have grown to include more technologies for semiconductor wafer processing. If you’re looking for great opportunities in the semiconductor industry, we invite you to look into a career at Lam Research. Whether you’re an experienced professional, a current student or recent graduate, or a Junior Military Officer (JMO), we’re here to offer you the chance to use your expertise to achieve great success.


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