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Northwestern Mutual employees work in a business casual, dynamic atmosphere that encourages excellence, creativity and career advancement. More than just opportunities, we offer you challenges.

Northwestern Mutual's employees have a wide variety of educational backgrounds—from accounting to liberal arts to biology. A degree in one area does not necessarily lock you into that profession; we encourage our employees to expand their knowledge and their careers by moving across different areas of the Company. This benefits both employees as well as the Company. It gives our employees the freedom to explore different areas of interest to them, and gives the Company more experienced, well-rounded employees.

If you are wondering whether or not your degree is what we are looking for or qualifies you for a career in financial services, chances are—it is.

Northwestern Mutual recognizes that great ideas come from everyone. We encourage all employees to think creatively and share their ideas.

Northwestern Mutual's downtown Milwaukee and Franklin campuses include several cafeterias offering our employees both breakfast and lunch. Our Cyber Cafe offers coffee and soft drinks.

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February 15, 2017

Student Intern


High level of independence with explicit necessary teamwork

September 16, 2015

Financial Representative

King of Prussia, PA

Northwestern Mutual's culture was similar to that of a family. Each intern had their own mentor, who treated us like a younger sibling. They guided us in throughout our work, but were extremely tough on us. Overall, Northwestern Mutual provided its Financial Representatives with a great work culture.


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