At this year’s MBA Kickoff, you will be provided a pre-printed RecPass name badge, which will allow you to instantly share your contact information with employers using QR code technology.

To take full advantage of RecPass you must register to complete your profile and upload your resume. By doing this you will be able to share your pertinent information with employers and, most importantly, provide them with immediate access to your resume!

By registering for these events, you receive a personal QR code that can be quickly scanned by participating employers, providing them with instant access to your contact information and resume. Not only will this save you time and money, but it also ensures the little time you have with recruiters is spent discussing your interests and qualifications rather than filling out forms. 

Additionally, QR code technology enables employers to capture the information needed for their application process, nearly eliminating the need for you to also “apply online.” 

The QR Code you receive is very secure and can only be read by approved employers who have been given access to the RecPass QR Code App. No other smart phone or mobile device QR code reader can access your profile information or resume. Also, your RecPass QR Code never expires, although you can update your information and resume at any time. And because it is used by hundreds of recruiters and at many other recruiting events and diversity conferences, you can use your code at future recruiting events without having to register again.

Upon entrance to these events, you will receive a personal name badge with your QR code printed on it. The name badge contains a reusable plastic card that you will take with you and keep in your wallet or notebook for future use.


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