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Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is a multiprogram science and technology laboratory managed for the U.S. Department of Energy by UT-Battelle, LLC. Scientists and engineers at ORNL conduct basic and applied research and development to create scientific knowledge and technological solutions that strengthen the nation's leadership in key areas of science; increase the availability of clean, abundant energy; restore and protect the environment; and contribute to national security.

ORNL also performs other work for the Department of Energy, including isotope production, information management, and technical program management, and provides research and technical assistance to other organizations.

Career opportunities at ORNL include internships, postgrads, postmasters, postdoc appointments, distinguished fellowships, business and technical professionals, fulltime research staff, and joint faculty appointments. ORNL provides the opportunity to make an important national and even worldly impact, working alongside outstanding scientists and expertise in an exciting, fast paced environment aimed at finding solutions to real world problems. With over 4,600 annual staff, almost 500 interns every summer, the world’s best neutron source, one of the fastest supercomputers, and over a dozen world-class facilities, the possibilities are endless.

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September 12, 2017

Research Intern

Oak Ridge, TN

The reason I loved this internship was because I had the freedom to make my own decisions in regards to my project, but I also had a group of people who were ready, willing, and able to help me with any problem I may have faced. They created a wonderful work environment that I am blessed to have been a part of.

September 23, 2013

Systems Engineer

Oak Ridge, TN

Overall, I had an enjoyable experience working within the Laboratory.


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Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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