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Since 1988, Stottler Henke has developed artificial intelligence solutions and technologies to solve difficult problems for our corporate and government customers that defy solution using traditional approaches. We are both a creative research laboratory and a pragmatic, customer-focused consulting company that creates innovative, effective applications and tools for training, planning and scheduling, decision support, knowledge management and discovery, and autonomous systems. For example, our Auroraâ„¢ scheduling system helps organizations like Boeing, NASA and Massachueetts General Hospital manage complex operations more efficiently. Our AI-based training systems assess student performance automatically during training simulations, so they can provide pinpoint feedback about the student's strengths and weaknesses, like a human instructor. Some of our current projects are aimed at developing new autonomous systems technologies that will enable next generation spacecraft and unmanned vehicles to operate more effectively and reliably. Our reputation for outstanding work is demonstrated by numerous awards and customer praise.

At Stottler Henke, you'll work in small, tight-knit teams of researchers, knowledge engineers, and software engineers who are experts in a broad range of artificial intelligence and other advanced software technologies. Most researchers and engineers work on several projects at the same time in different technology and application areas. Our informal work environment emphasizes collaboration, mentoring, and providing diverse responsibilities and challenges. Our offices are located in some of the most exciting metropolitan areas in the country, and we offer competitive salaries and benefits.


Stottler Henke Artificial Intelligence's' Location
Stottler Henke Artificial Intelligence
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