Information Technology and Services


Suning, the highest ranked privately owned company in China, is China’s top retailer and ranks 3rd in B2C e-commerce. Suning is expanding rapidly by growing its B2B/B2C open marketplace.

Suning has grown from a 2000 sq ft store opened in 1990 to a $40 Billion revenue and 180,000 employees organization that serves 100MM customers and 200K vendors and partners in the areas of manufacturing, logistics, information, communication, merchandise, entertainment and finance. The volume of users and transactions, merchants and merchandisers, vendors and partners, all present great challenges, but even greater opportunities. Suning's vision is to cater its customers, vendors, partners and general public with 24/7 easy to access services.

Suning has chosen to set up its first overseas R&D center in Palo Alto, CA. This center will fuel creative minds and energetic hearts, harbor state of the art research and cutting edge tech development. The mission is to hold the flag and lead the way for the whole fleet of Suning, solving problems of today and tomorrow.

In this center, you will enjoy the exciting environment/pace of a start-up, and also the profound backing from a China Forbes 500 enterprise. You will be given the opportunity to discover and create, build and implement, team up and spin off, all supported by the fast growing Suning eco-system.