July 26, 1775



As a global leader in mail delivery and successful corporate business practices, we maintain a talented workforce to support strategic initiatives that continues to generate revenue, reduce costs, achieve customer-focused results, and improve service. Our executive and administrative careers provide outstanding opportunities for career advancement and growth.The Postal Service is vital to the nation and its economy. Our vision, purpose, and direction are evident in performance and maintenance of affordable mail service to every American. We are the second largest employer in the United States today, delivering more than 200 billion pieces of mail per year—connecting virtually every U.S. home and business. Because we are so integral to our nation and its economy, we seek the best leadership available to continue our excellence in operational performance. The Postal Service has a tradition of high performance in on-time delivery and customer satisfaction, cutting-edge automated equipment, and information technology. And we’re always looking for creative ways to perform our mission in the face of a changing marketplace.


United States Postal Service's' Location
United States Postal Service
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